1. Sports Events & Tournaments: Hosting a number of national and international competitions, tournaments and events.
  2. Community Engagement: With daily, weekly & monthly activities made accessible to all members of the community, including open and free of charge trainings in a variety of sports.
  3. Education & Research: Hosting a series of monthly seminars and annual forums, and running a number of research projects and case studies that examine the current landscape of women sports in UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular.
  4. International Conference of Sports for Women (ICSW): Creating a global platform through a biennial international conference to advance discussions on the status of women sports in the UAE and worldwide.
  5. Local Talent Management: Nurturing local talent and potential to create a platform of professional athletes and role models.


Sports Events & Tournaments

FBMA aims to set Abu Dhabi on the global map of female sports by hosting a number of national and international competitions, tournaments and championships, some of which have already been granted spots on the calendars of international federations. Annual events like the FBMA Show Jumping Cup or the FBMA Trophy for Figure Skating have received recognition of the respective international federations and, thus, attract the participation of world renowned athletes from across the globe.

Community Engagement

As its main stream of activity and in line with its efforts to maintain continuous engagement with the community, FBMA offers open trainings in a number of different sports in culturally adequate, safe, and private environments for all Emirati women to attend. FBMA operates these trainings in collaboration with the relevant federations. It is precisely within the Academy’s mission to eventually make all sports available for women to practice in such environments.
FBMA trainings are addressed to women of all age, while in September 2016 the Academy also launched a dedicated program for youth. The ‘FBMA Youth Program’ is hosted in Al Forsan - International Sports Resort and currently includes trainings in volleyball, basketball, football, jiu-jitsu, handball, golf and horse-riding.

Education & Research

With a view to identify and fill the educational gaps that might exist around physical activity in the country, the FBMA has a dedicated Education and Research Department. Aiming at regular and structured interaction with Emirati society, the Department hosts a series of monthly seminars and sports trainings, and oversees a number of research projects and case studies that examine the current landscape of women sports in UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular. The Department also initiates certification programs that aim to give sports professionals an opportunity for continuous training and professional development.


The International Conference of Sports for Women (ICSW) is FBMA’s biennial forum that aspires to facilitate an open exchange between the Emirati and the international sports industry. ICSW gathers renowned personalities from international organizations across the globe to engage in discussions with the movers and shakers of the sports industry in the UAE, with a view to advance the women sports movement in the country.

ICSW endorses Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak’s strategic vision that the way must be paved for women to participate in sports, emphasizing on the role of sports as an equalizer that does not discriminate on the basis of gender or disability. ICSW is a resourceful forum where sportswomen from around the world share and discuss their own success stories and the challenges they faced, thus inspiring Emirati women to pursue their dreams. At the same time, ICSW highlights the significant developments marked in recent years for women sports in the UAE, positioning the country as a pioneer in the region.

Talent Management Program

Within its mission to promote and further develop Emirati talent and with a view to honor and celebrate Emirati athletes’ achievements to date, the Academy has a dedicated local talent management program that aims to identify and further nurture local athletic talent, with the ultimate goal of promoting local participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and instituting a culture of sports participation and excellence in Emirati society.