FBMA Work Pillars

The academy develops its work around 5 central pillars of activity:

  1. Sports Events & Tournaments:

    Hosting a number of national and international competitions, tournaments and events

  2. Community Engagement:

    With daily, weekly & monthly activities made accessible to all members of the community, including open and free of charge trainings in a variety of sports.

  3. Education & Research:

    Hosting a series of monthly seminars and annual forums, and running a number of research projects and case studies that examine the current landscape of women sports in UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular.

  4. International Conference of Sports for Women (ICSW):

    Creating a global platform through a biennial international conference to advance discussions on the status of women sports in the UAE and worldwide.

  5. Local Talent Management:

    Nurturing local talent and potential to create a platform of professional athletes and role models.