Being a governmental entity, the role of ADSC is to support and monitor sports clubs and sport institutions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi; supervise sporting events held in Abu Dhabi to make sure they comply with international standards, care for and support talented athletes, enhance inter governmental partnerships, increase and disseminate sport, cultural, and health awareness in the society.


Use the culture of sport professionalism, as well as very well based systematic performance methods, to create sport- proactive environment that will help avail ample opportunities to develop sport and investment in Abu Dhabi.


To realize integration between sports and the society in order to have a healthy and sportive community that will help achieve the plans, ambitions, and expectations of Abu Dhabi government.


  1. Leadership: pioneers of provision of best services.
  2. Transparency: transparent actions and procedures.
  3. Excellence: use the best international criteria.
  4. Responsibility: taking all our responsibilities in dignity and respect.
  5. Loyalty & Faithfulness: enhance the sense of loyalty, belonging, and faithfulness of our staff.
  6. Team Spirit: strengthen our values of cooperation and work as a one team.