The academy has been established on October 10th, 2010 in Abu Dhabi, UAE by virtue of the decree No. (2) of 2010 issued by the chairman of Abu Dhabi Sports Council under 'Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy'. The academy is affiliated operatively and financially with Abu Dhabi sports council and has full legal capacity to engage in all activities and achieve objectives intended.


Upon directives from H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairperson of the Family Development Foundation (FDF) and Chairwoman of the UAE General Women's Union, "Mother of the Nation", UAE Women's Sport Committee announced the establishment of Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy in order to prepare and qualify ladies, girls, and female executives to work in women's sport fields, and to establish and constitute women's sports teams that would be able to achieve great results that could add to the women's sport progress in the future stage.

The UAE Women's Sport Committee revealed that the designation of an academy for women's sport marks the great attention which H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak gives to this issue in addition to the continuous support which H.H provides to the women's sport movement to assist and push this movement towards advanced positions.

The establishment of an academy for women concerned with sports affairs also shows the solicitude from H.H for qualifying women's sports leaderships and national teams with ability to form language of creativity and distinction for the UAE women's sport.


For sport culture to become a part of every Emirati woman.


To encourage Emirati Women to participate in all aspects of sports through sport education, training and competition.


  1. Leadership: through distinction in providing best services.
  2. Transparency: interaction with honesty, fidelity and clarity.
  3. Distinction: by using the best world standards.
  4. Responsibility: taking responsibility with uprightness and respect.
  5. Loyalty and belongingness: creation sensation among employees and develop the work environment.


  1. Attract functional cadres of citizens and improve their professional efficiency in different specialties
  2. Provide sustainable infrastructure for ladies sports activities
  3. Use advanced information technology in management and daily follow up
  4. Apply the best administrative practices in developing the internal processes
  5. Take advantage of media to stress the Academy role in spreading the ladies sports culture.
  6. Sport is the best method for woman to fulfill healthful lifestyle in society
  7. Encourage the participation of ladies sports teams and cadres in international championships in Abu Dhabi and shed light on their achievements.
  8. Provide ladies sports activities and events that observe the traditions of the UAE.
  9. Enable the provision of healthy work environment
  10. Sustainable emiritization in the public and private sectors.
  11. Making Abu Dhabi as the hub attracting skilled professionals.
  12. Training the UAE nationals in compliance with the UAE markets requirements.
  13. Giving the chance to the UAE women to participate in the development of the Country.
  14. Coordination between all institutions and the governmental departments.
  15. The introduction of new projects in the UAE market.
  16. The introduction of state- of- the-art infrastructure to meet the growth in the UAE population.
  17. E-services provided to all customers of the UAE government.
  18. Ethical work environment
  19. Easy access to authentic data by the governmental departments
  20. Transparency and accountability
  21. Safety in the work environment
  22. Effective financial management
  23. Sports activities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  24. Health awareness campaigns
  25. Giving the chance to the UAE women to participate in the development of the Country.
  26. Education system for all levels
  27. Educational system that boosts the national culture and identity.