Born in 1930 in Missouri, Sister Madonna Buder was active from an early age as a keen equestrian and tennis player, but was never the seasoned athlete she is today, aged 86.

At 23, Sister Madonna decided to follow her “true calling” by becoming a nun. Years later, she took up running which soon became a passion. She completed her first running race aged 47, her first triathlon aged 52 and her first ‘Ironman’ triathlon aged 55.

To date, Sister Madonna has competed in 37 marathons and 377 triathlons, including 45 ‘Ironman’ triathlons - an extraordinary feat which has earned her the title ‘The Iron Nun’. In 2012, she broke the record for being the oldest person to complete an Ironman triathlon at age 82.

Away from her life as a triathlete and a nun, Sister Madonna is a motivational speaker who seeks to spread her message of positivity and love to the entire world, and contributes to a number of non-profit organizations.