25 November 2020

FBMA Archery Tournament

Event Details

  • 25 November 2020
  • Abu Dhabi Cricket Club


Another exciting tournament is coming your way!

FBMA announces its one of a kind FBMA Archery tournament 2020. It is a significant growth opportunity for enthusiastic female archers and the perfect occasion to inspire and encourage more women participation in our programs.

The main goal for The FBMA Archery Tournament 2020 is to motivate all ladies of the community to participate in a variety of different events, along with gaining experience and knowledge about this sport.

Save the date to November 25 at Abu Dhabi Cricket on 5:30pm. 

Registration Fees: 30 AED

Age limit for this tournament: +16 years old

Total prizes: 10,000 AED

What are you waiting for? Release the arrow and register now!

Registration Closed

For further details, contact: fatima.alali@fbma.ae