• 21 December 2015




Date: 21 December 2015

Time: 05:00PM – 6:00PM

Location: Family Development Foundation (FDF) - Abu Dhabi

Attendees: Females Only

Language: English



Brief of the Seminar: Everyday stretches, to improve flexibility and prevent aches and muscle strain.

Over the last decade, researchers have become increasingly interested in the psychological impact of injury and how athletes react to being hurt. This has spawned an advancement of knowledge about the psychological adjustments made by athletes during times of injury, and the subsequent impact of these on mental state and adherence to rehabilitation program. Although ideally the psychological support of injured athletes should be provided by psychology professionals, in practice it is very often administered informally by physiotherapists.

With serious injuries that are likely to result in a significant period of time out of the sport, athletes will often experience emotional disturbances. Researchers suggest that athletes often follow a five-stage process following injury, such as – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and Reorganization.

In this presentation, Mr.Buhari and Ms.Aisha will discuss on ways to overcome factors like – Fears of re-injury, adjusting to injury, the staircase model (graded progressive exercise therapy), identifying poor adjustment, strength and power training.



  • Mr. Rashid Buhari, Supervisor of Physiotherapy – Spine Unit, Healthpoint Hospital
  • Ms. Aisha Al Zaabi, Physiotherapist – Spine Unit, Healthpoint Hospital


Speakers Bios:

Rashid Buhari

Supervisor of Physiotherapy – Spine Unit

Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Rashid Buhari has over 17 years of experience in practicing physiotherapy and rehabilitation around the Middle East. He is certified electro neuro-physiologist and has assisted in spinal surgeries using intraoperative EMG monitoring, a rare skill set for physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists operating in the UAE

Ms. Aisha Al Zaabi

Aisha Alzaabi graduated from the University of Sharjah in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Thereafter, she undertook training in various physiotherapy disciplines by working in clinical departments across Sharjah and Dubai. In her current role, she is a Physiotherapist within the Healthpoint Hospital Department of Physiotherapy – Spine Unit, treating female patients in Healthpoint’s women’s-only physiotherapy center.


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