21 August 2015




The Abu Dhabi Higher colleges of Technology and the Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy has send a group of Emarati female students to climb the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan .

This Initiative comes in alignment with the plans of cooperation between the AD HCT and the Academy to raise awareness among Emirati women about healthy lifestyles and physical fitness where the mission’s journey will be under the supervision and sponsorship o the Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy ,The group has departed from Abu Dhabi international Airport on last friday 21 Aug 2015, and was heading to japan, were they are expected to reach the summit of Mount Fuji after 3 days from their arrival.

The mission to climb Mount Fuji includes 5 students, 2 superintendents from AD HCT and a supervisor from the Academy, the mission is considered a first of its kind in terms of Emirati women participation in a mission sent by the HCT to Mount Fuji.

The participating students engaged in an intensive preparation for the mission’s journey where they went through a concentrated preparation training program that included physical fitness and stamina and a lot of group activities such as the climbing of Mount Hafeet and the usage of Use Zayed Sports City Stadium for the exercises on ascension and descending, jogging on Hadariyat bridge and other activities.

The Mission’s journey program includes a multitude of cultural activities and various visits to Historical and tourism landmarks that Japan is famous for.

It is worth noting that Mount Fuji is the Highest Mountain in Japan standing at 3,776 meters above the sea level and visited by about 200,000 visitor each year and is considered one of the most prominent natural and historical landmarks of Japan which played an important role in the forming of Japan’s culture and history.