27 April 2017

Bu Shallakh: Development Process Is Continued with FIFA & AFC 

Dubai/Thursday, April 27, 2017: UAE FA Board Member, Ms. Amal Bu Shallakh, crowned East Sharjah and Fujairah with the title of U-16 League. Silver medals were gone to the runners-up Dubai while Abu Dhabi Club received bronze medals after finishing in the third place.

In U-14 League, East Sharjah and Fujairah was crowned champion and received gold medals, while Abu Dhabi Club received the silver medals and Dubai the bronze ones.

The individual awards for U-16 League were distributed during the ceremony, where Onood Khalid (Abu Dhabi Club) received MVP award, Best Goalkeeper for Waada Ahssan (Dubai), and goal scorer for Salha Rashi (East Sharjah and Fujairah).

For U-14 League, Ghanima Rashid (East Sharjah and Fujairah) received MVP award, Best Goalkeeper for Mahra Rashid (Private School), and Shahd Khalid (Abu Dahbi Club), was the goal scorer. 

The Award Ceremony was attended by Aisha Saif Al Sairi, Director of Health and Fitness at Ministry of Education, besides Dr. Belhassan Malouche, UAE FA Technical Director; Jamal Aisa, Head of Physical Education and Tamer Ezzudin, Sports Programs Specialist.

Amal Bu Shallakh, UAE FA Board Member and Member of AFC Women Committee, thanked Ministry of Education. She said that we have achieved many benefits this season. 

She pointed out that the technical staff will deal with points of strength and weakness in light of FIFA program “Live Your Goals”. She added that the next phase will witness many proposals for women football development. She concluded with congratulation to all participating teams and stressed that there no loser as all teams enjoyed the atmosphere.