6 December 2016

FBMA signs an MOU with UAEU

6 December 2016

FBMA signs an MOU with UAEU


Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy (FBMA) signed a memorandum of understanding with United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) as an official inauguration of the FBMA scholarships program which will start next year, where the academy will grant 10 scholarships to female students who are willing to study under the bachelor program of the physical education department in UAEU in addition to granting a valuable monthly incentive to each student under its scholarship program, while the UAEU commits for its part to attract outstanding female Emirati students in order to enroll them in the program and to provide the proper environment, the qualified managerial and technical staff and the facilities necessary for the success of the educational process in which the academy will monitor the progress of the enrolled students continuously.

This was revealed yesterday during the press conference that was held in the FBMA headquarters in Abu Dhabi , with the attendance of Amal Afifi, Board Member of the academy and Dr. Ali Saied Al Kaabi, Deputy Director of students affairs and registration at UAEU.

The two parties agreed on cooperation in the field of raising health awareness through the provision of a lecture hall inside the University’s campus by the UAEU where the FBMA will present a public lecture  to raise awareness about health and physical fitness once each semester. The MOU also included the agreement of the UAEU to nominate two members of the teaching staff at the physical education department to participate in the science committee of the International Women Sport Conference held by the FBMA.

Amal Al Afifi presented her deepest thanks to H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union (GWU), Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF) and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (Mother of the Nation), for her generous patronage and her continuous  support for the activities and programs of the FBMA. Al Afifi expressed her sincere thanks and appreciation to Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of FBMA, and Chairwoman of the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club, and praised the efforts made by her for the sake of elevating the standards of all the programs and initiatives of the FBMA in order to achieve its strategic goals optimally.

Al Afifi stated: “The Academy considers the building of productive partnerships with Emirati establishments and organizations as a firm approach toward the development of the Ladies sports sector, and we at the academy are proud of our partnership with such a huge educational foundation as the United Arab Emirates University , because the signing of the MOU came to launch a new stage in the academy’s endeavors to accomplish its mission to fill the educational and academic gaps that the workforce concerned with women's sports in the UAE might have, and we hope that the FBMA scholarships program contributes to the preparation of a new generation of personnel who are equipped with the knowledge and training required to lead the development of Ladies’ sports in the future, and for sure  the cooperation between both sides will extend to include raising public awareness as the MOU will allow us to establish a platform inside the university’s campus where we will work together to spread the culture of engaging in sports and physical activity and to encourage female students to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle, and our partnership shall enrich the International Women Sport Conference next year because the science committee will include two members of the teaching staff at the physical education department of the University, therefore FBMA consider this MOU as a significant step toward achieving its strategic goals”.

Amal Al Afifi Thanked the UAEU administration and Dr. Ali Saied Al Kaabi for the valuable efforts they made to consummate the signing of the MOU, and she expressed her hope that the signing will mark the beginning of a fruitful partnership that serves the common goals and ambitions of both parties.

For his part, Dr. Ali Saied Al Kaabi articulated his gladness for the signing of the MOU with academy saying: “ We know that Ladies’ sports sector in the region is in need of providing this area of study which will help develop and improve the Emirati female personnel working in the field of sports, and due to need of the ladies in our community for this course of study; we launched our Bachelor Degree in physical education program again after it stopped for several years due to academic complications, but this time our program will give the chance to Emirati ladies to enroll in it”.

Dr. Al Kaabi added: “The UAEU is always willing to cooperate with any organization for the sake of developing both men and women in the Emirati workforce and we are proud of our cooperation with an organization such as FBMA which carries the responsibility of empowering Emirati women in all the activities of Sports sector in order to make them have a more healthy lifestyle through their academic and professional life”.

He continued saying: “we are proud of the cooperation between both parties which will reinforce women presence in the field of sports and public health and which aims to qualify female personnel in the field of sports and public health, which will yield many positive outcomes for Emirati families on many levels because the involvement of Emirati women in this field of sports will grant them the limitless benefits while interacting with their families by utilizing the expertise they gained after acquiring the Bachelor Degree in this Field”.

“ We at UAEU are honored by signing this MOU and we hope for more cooperation between the us as a bid to enhance our strategic partnerships and to furthermore unify the joint efforts  between both parties” said Dr. Al Kaabi.

Finally Dr.Ali Al Kaabi lauded the great attention of H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak (Mother of the Nation) to Emirati women in order they reach the highest levels in all different sectors.